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The Rides

Ride Intro

I have set up these rides not for speed cycling or training but for my kind of riding—leisurely, stop-and-go, smell the roses (well, manure actually—after all, this is Wantage!) riding. I love biking in Wantage because of its nature and rural landscape—slow biking allows me to enjoy these. After a Wantage ride, I feel more closely connected to my environment and hometown.

Most of the rides are between 10 and 15 miles in length, and all of them are loops so no shuttling of cars is necessary. If you are in good health, the rides aren’t difficult. Of course, everything is relative. If you haven’t bicycled in years, they may seem a bit hard. If you’re an avid cyclist, the rides will seem easy and probably too short, in which case you can combine two or three rides (some of them overlap or are close to each other) or, if you are training, ride a loop two or three times.

Most of Wantage is hilly. How steep are the hills? Again, think relative. Folks visiting High Point from Delaware gaze wondrously at our “mountains” while visitors from Colorado laugh at what they call “pimples.” A Tour de France rider would fly up our hills at high speed, but if you’re trying to climb Kittatinny Mountain on a single speed beach cruiser, you’re not going to have a good time.

Each ride page provides information that includes ride notes, directions, distance, and elevation gain.

Below is a list of 13 rides. Click on the name for ride details. Enjoy!

  1. Big Silos Loop
  2. Beemerville-Liberty Loop
  3. Sussex - Lake Neepaulin Tour
  4. Unionville Loop
  5. Owens Station - Oil City Circuit
  6. Rock Wall Ride
  7. Minisink Turnpike Trek
  8. Woodbourne Whirl
  9. Library Loop
  10. A & P Excursion
  11. High Point Ridge Road Ramble
  12. High Point Monument Extension
  13. Kittatinny Up & Over

Spied on a Ride

There are so many interesting things to see when traveling by bike!
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